Friday, April 27, 2012

The Wrap-Up: April 27, 2012

The Republican Party is looking at Senator Marco Rubio of Florida as the savior to deliver them the Latino vote, which may not be a good (or even possible) idea.

House Republicans are so Hell-bent on renegging on the debt deal reached last year that they are willing to shut down the government and let kids go hungry to get what they want. What a faithless/heartless lot.

You know how right-wingers are always claiming gay people are trying to "indoctrinate" kids into homosexuality? Well, guess who is REALLY indoctrinating who.

The Marine who was discharged for comments he made about President Obama (i.e. the Commander-in-Chief) sounds off on the incident.

A poll from Pew Research Center shows a nice uptick in support for marriage equality over the last four years.

Social media may be the key may be the key to defeating North Carolina's homophobic Amendment 1. Remember to spread the word about ALL of the damaging affects of this amendment. Early voting has already begun and Election Day is May 8.

As into politics as I am, the idea that the 2016 race has already begun is just daunting. First speculation about Rick Santorum for the GOP, now speculation about Hillary Clinton for the Democrats.

President Obama has issued a veto threat against CISPA.

The victim of a brutal homophobic hate crime at Illinois State University is heroically defiant.

And lastly, let's take a look back at Newt Gingrich's best (read: worst) hits during his presidential run.

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