Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lowlights & Highlights: April 7, 2012

It was reported this week that Republicans in a state Senate committee had passed a law that allowed LGBT students to be banned from charter schools in the state. That's right, these Republicans are so adamantly homophobic that they are trying to enact this law, which has the support of Governor Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana Family Council. It is truly amazing how these people are always talking about doing what is best for the children, and then they turn around and do things that are very anti-children. It is also hypocritical that Republicans are always talking about expanding school choice, and then proceed to pass a law like this one. Jindal press secretary (Jindal couldn't be bothered to comment) said that they are against "special protections or rights." Of course, this sentiment is completely inconsistent with the fact that there are anti-discrimination laws in effect against race, religion, and gender based discrimination (as well as a few other categories). It really comes down to the obvious: They're either patently homophobic, or they're pandering to the patently homophobic voters in their party (or maybe both). Their hatred and ignorance is not just cause for the suffering of children.


I'm sure you're aware (you certainly are if you're a regular reader) that after Starbucks announced that they supported Washington state's push for marriage equality, and marriage equality in general, the National Organization for Marriage (Discrimination) started a boycott. Well, that boycott has pretty much gone down in flames. Their "Dump Starbucks" campaign, complete with a Twitter handle, managed about 28,000 signatures. Meanwhile, a "Thank You Starbucks" campaign by managed over 640,000 signatures (one of which was mine). That's a 22-fold difference, but who's counting. Also, in the time since the boycott started, the company's stock has risen. I find it hilarious how these right-wing boycotts have a tendency to backfire. It goes to show how they have exposed themselves as the hateful and ignorant lot they are. Society is leaving them behind, and that has them pissed.

I will most likely be making a stop at Starbucks on my way to work tomorrow morning.

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