Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Wrap-Up: April 24, 2012

An Iowa newspaper devoted its front page to Kenneth Weishuhn Jr., a recent victim of anti-gay bullying who took his own life.

Rachel Maddow is being sued for defamation. Her crime: using someone's words in their proper (hate-filled) context. Yet again, someone demands free speech only to try to stifle someone else's. That conservative logic for you.

Some students, alums, and others from Liberty University (a Christian school) are angry that the school chose Mitt Romney (a Mormon) to speak at the school's commencement.

With two weeks until the vote on North Carolina's homophobic, disastrous, and over-reaching Amendment One, its opponents are in need of donations to capitalize on momentum.

A religious right group may be planning cyber assaults on the LGBT community. Obviously, that is what Christ would do.

Former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman compared the Republican Party to the Communist Party in China, which I think is true, hilarious, and possibly career ending for him.

An Iowa congressional candidate thinks that being for the Buffett Rule makes President Obama un-American. I don't think this guy really knows how many people/who else is also for this rule.

A group of "street preachers" that showed up at a pride parade to protest were effectively shut down...by a flash-mob.

And lastly, sex robots.

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