Friday, April 6, 2012

Allen West Dodging Marriage Equality

It's very telling that Representative Allen West (R-FL) is dodging this question. Here is a Republican Congressman, back by the Tea Party no less (which shows how "right" he is) and yet when given the opportunity to denounce marriage equality as Republicans/conservatives all too often do, he tries to change the subject. What do we take away from this interview? Republicans are increasingly gun-shy about denouncing LGBT equality, even those Republicans backed by the Tea Party. Gone are the days when Republicans would proudly say how anti-gay they were only to ride that wave into political office. Now, doing this will incur the ire of not just the political left, but also an increasing numbers of independent and Republican voters. This is another sign of the changing dynamic surrounding the issues of LGBT equality, and it's a damn good sign at that.

And since Rep. West didn't ever answer the question he was asked, I'll just let you know that he is on-record as being AGAINST marriage equality.

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