Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA), "I Am Deeply Sorry..."

Gov. Bob McDonnell has repaid the roughly $120,000 in loans that he and his wife received from a wealthy donor and expressed sorrow for the “embarrassment” brought upon the state.
“I am deeply sorry for the embarrassment certain members of my family and I brought upon my beloved Virginia and her citizens,” McDonnell said in a statement released today by a spokesman for his private legal team.   
“I want you to know that I broke no laws and that I am committed to regaining your sacred trust and confidence. I hope today’s action is another step toward that end.” 
McDonnell paid back $52,278 for a loan that Jonnie Williams Sr., CEO of Star Scientific, made to  first lady Maureen McDonnell in 2011, and $71,837 for two other loans in 2012 to the real estate business owned by the governor and his sister, according to the release...
...McDonnell strongly indicated that he plans to stay in office while facing state and federal probes relating to his relationship with Williams. 
Between governor McDonnell's corruption, support of invasive/mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasounds and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's homophobia, the Commonwealth's republicans have made Virginia a national joke. And we should let them have power in the state because...?

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