Monday, July 8, 2013

GOP Candidate Ken Cuccinelli & Southwest Virginia


...Unfortunately, Ken Cuccinelli realizes this area exists; it is his target for creating greater disparity, less hope for jobs, and diminished health care, while literally making false plans for what he calls tax equity. 
By the proposed elimination of coal employment tax credits, Cuccinelli would place at risk the remaining 5,100 direct coal miner jobs that depend on these incentives to be competitive in the global energy market. 
Cuccinelli's opposition to the state transportation plan, which he refuses to say whether he would retain or repeal, places at risk the construction of the so-called Coalfield Expressway, a $5 billion highway that would break the isolation of the region and create hundreds of public-private construction jobs and new manufacturing opportunities. 
The attorney general's shrill opposition to Medicaid extension would not only deny health care services to 400,000 poor, blind, elderly and disabled Virginians, but specifically 25,000 to 30,000 in the coalfields...
The sad thing is that many of the people very likely to vote for (from a demographic perspective) are also very likely to be negatively affected by his policies should he win the gubernatorial election. 

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