Monday, July 8, 2013

Church of England To Fight Against Homophobic Bullying

From the BBC
[Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby:] "With nearly a million children educated in our schools we not only must demonstrate a profound commitment to stamp out such stereotyping and bullying but we must also take action. 
"We are therefore developing a programme for use in our schools, taking the best advice we can find anywhere, that specifically targets such bullying." 
New proposals before the Synod meeting could see measures to introduce women bishops be adopted as draft legislation ahead of a possible vote in 2015. 
The archbishop, who took up his post in March, has said he wants to see the measure passed as soon as possible.
Even though the Church of England is not changing their teachings on marriage (they are against equality), this effort against anti-gay bullying sets them light-years ahead of most churches in the United States. Here, instead of protecting LGBT students, many religious schools have policies in place that preclude them from seeking help from faculty and staff for fear of expulsion. Even outside of parochial schools, churches, religious figures, and leaders of social conservative groups fight against legislative efforts to protect LGBT students from bullying in public schools.

What the Church of England is doing here is the right thing to do. Would that churches in America would do the same...

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