Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gays Are Just Confused Straight People

It seems like a week does not go by when Pat Robertson does not say something categorically ignorant, and often, that means delving into homophobia.

First, I can guarantee Mister Robertson that I am not confused. Not even a little bit. As to that confusion having to do with abuse as a child, there is no scientific, empirical evidence to back that up. While I am sure some children that end up being gay have been abused (it is a statistical inevitability), so have some children that end up being straight. Why did some those abused kids end up being gay and some straight? Because sexual orientation has nothing to do with abuse. I was not abused, I still ended up gay. Mister Robertson's claim has been debunked by medical professionals time and time again.

Second, did he seriously just say "We're not anti-gay or anything?" Really, he said that. He must be going senile because within the last week, he said that instead of a "Like" button, Facebook should have a "Vomit" button that he can use when he sees pictures of same-sex couple kissing. No, nothing about that sounds homophobic...right?

Third, Mister Robertson refers to gay people watching his show. The thing is that while there are certainly gay people watching his show, I would bet that a majority of them, like myself, are watching merely to hear the latest stupid, wrong, inconsiderate, or ignorant thing that he has said. Lord knows it happens often enough for us to see his show regularly. I highly doubt that many look to him for guidance given how poor is advice all-too-often is. In actuality, Mister Robertson should be aware that the vast majority of gay people watching his show are either just shaking their heads, or they are outright laughing at him. If he knew that, perhaps he would be less pleased about us watching him.

With every word he utters, Pat Robertson is distancing himself further and further away from mainstream America, including those who are people of faith. Time and good sense are sweeping people with mentalities like his into the annals of history where they belong.

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