Monday, February 18, 2013

Yet Another "Don't Say Gay" Bill in Tennessee

...As The New Civil Rights Movement reported in January of last year, “Rep. John Ragan, a Southern Baptist, pro-life, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-education Republican, responded to a constituent’s letter asking him to oppose a now-infamous Tennessee bill that essentially delivers a license to bully to anyone who claims religious or moral prerogative. Ragan used the phrase ‘mentally healthy adult human being,’ as in, gays and lesbians are not mentally healthy adult human beings, three times in his letter.”

Ragan’s bill, ironically introduced on Valentine’s Day, is identical to Sen. Campfield’s, and legally requires that any school official approached by any student with questions or comments about “inconsistent with natural human reproduction,” i.e., homosexuality, contact that child’s parents.

In other words. if Johnny is gay, bi, or trans, or questioning, and approaches his favorites trusted teacher, that teacher would now be required to contact Johnny’s parents and out him. In the state of Tennessee, where it’s safe to say the overwhelming majority of parents likely would not be welcoming.

If the Campfield-Ragan bill passes and if Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signs it into law, expect Tennessee’s LGBTQ homeless population to increase, expect more LGBTQ youth and teen suicides, and expect tolerance to drop.

In short, if Tennessee’s “new and improved” “Don’t Say Gay” bill becomes law, Stacey Campfield and John Ragan will have blood on their hands...

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