Tuesday, February 5, 2013

England Inspires Australia on Marriage Equality

The Australian Greens say a successful vote on marriage equality in the British House of Commons has inspired them to move forward with another bill on marriage equality despite previous bills being defeated in the Parliament when the Australian Opposition refused its members a conscience vote.
‘The majority of Australians who support marriage equality will be pleased to see such resounding support from a country with which we share so much, but this will be tinged with embarrassment that Australia is falling further behind and may soon be the only developed, English-speaking country without marriage equality,’ AME national convener, Rodney Croome said.

‘The fact David Cameron has allowed a conscience vote increases pressure on Tony Abbott to do the same, especially given that a conscience vote is about personal freedom and marriage equality is about strengthening families - both principles which conservatives should support.

‘The UK vote also highlights how, by continuing to oppose marriage equality, our Labor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is not only out-of-step with her center-left colleagues overseas, but even her conservative counterparts.

Croome said that marrying in Britain would be popular for Australians given the number who were dual Australian/British citizens and residents or who were in dual nationality relationships.

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