Monday, February 11, 2013

Indiana Teacher Wants Gays Banned From Prom

A teacher [Diane Medley] of special needs children in Indiana is speaking out with other Christian parents and students by demanding LGBT kids be banned from a Sullivan High School prom. When asked, teacher Diana Medley responded to a reporter that she believes gay people have no purpose in life, and agrees that anti-gay parents and students should create a separate, “traditional” prom that would ban gay students from attending. Sullivan High School itself is allowing all students to the official prom, but these militant anti-gay Christians are trying to get students to attend their prom instead of the school’s official prom.
Medley, sadly, is in good company. As reports, students, parents, and Christian pastors met at a local church to discuss gay students at prom, and they’re ganging up to raise money for a separate prom.

This video below (unfortunately poor quality, but you can see the original at,) shows not one LGBT person speaking for LGBTQ kids, but it does show a small Christian war against them. This is organized bullying of LGBTQ students and there could be federal civil rights issues here. Hopefully the ACLU and other civil rights groups will investigate.

Medley went on to say that LGBT people do not serve a purpose in life. Time and time again we have heard social conservatives say that they do not hate gay people, they just hate the "sin." What about this story says anything about love? Nothing. Yet again, we see a clear and present homophobic animus by people using Christianity as an excuse. True Christians should be highly offended by this because the actions of these people are anything but Christ-like.

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