Monday, February 25, 2013

Conservative Group Attacks Tim Tebow Over "Big Gay"

From the Huffington Post:
Commenters criticized Fischer for damaging Tebow's evangelical message and asked why such a hateful church like First Baptist [the church where Tebow was to speak] deserves respect. 

Still, Jeffress [the pastor of First Baptist Church] claims Tebow never cancelled his appearance at First Baptist Church of Dallas. In an interview with the AFA's Tim Wildmon, Jeffress said that Tebow has merely rescheduled the speech to a later date once the controversy blows overs, Right Wing Watch reports. 

Jeffress' inflammatory preachings have made headlines for the past 15 years.

In 1998, he checked out all books from the Wichita Library that included gay parents and refused to return them, The Advocate notes. He called homosexuality "filthy" and "degrading" in a 2008 speech, titled "Gay Is Not OK." In 2010, he claimed Islam is a religion that "promotes pedophilia." During the 2012 presidential election he advised his congregation to vote against Mitt Romney and claimed Mormonism is a "cult."

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