Monday, July 2, 2012

The Wrap-Up: July 2, 2012

While Texas and Montana Republicans have adopted a decidedly homophobic platform, D.C. Republicans are going in a different direction.

Here is a prime example of the magnanimous leadership we can expect from the Tea Party.

Sources are saying the Chief Justice John Roberts switched his decision on the individual mandate despite efforts by his fellow conservative jurists.

Despite how Roberts ruled, conservatives need not worry about what side he is on.

A poll performed after the Supreme Court's decision show a slight increase in support for the Affordable Care Act, including a sizable jump in independent support.

The family of Tyler Clementi talked late last week about their son's suicide, the ensuing trial of Dharun Ravi, and the Tyler Clementi Foundation.

The University of Texas-Austin is investigating a dubious study (performed by one of its faculty members and funded by the National Organization For Marriage Discrimination) that alleges to show that gay-parenting is dangerous. The study's methodology is extremely flawed.

And lastly, a look back at 25 political gay scandals.

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