Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Congressional Candidate: Cancer Doesn't Kill

From the Huffington Post:

GOP congressional candidate Chris Collins knows health care is expensive these days, but he argues it's for good reason: People are no longer dying from deadly forms of cancer. 

"People now don't die from prostate cancer, breast cancer and some of the other things," he told The Batavian in an interview that was flagged Tuesday by City & State NY. Collins was discussing his desire to repeal Obamacare.
In fact, a lot of people do die from breast cancer and prostate cancer, despite advances in treatment. An estimated 577,190 people in the United States will die from cancer this year, including about 39,920 deaths from breast cancer and 28,170 from prostate cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. 

Another Republican categorically ignoring the facts. I'm sure that there are many people who have lost loved ones to cancer that would testify to the stupidity of this statement.

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