Monday, October 7, 2013

Supreme Court Thwarts Ken Cuccinelli

This morning, the Supreme Court has sent Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli packing. The justices have refused to hear his appeal of a Fourth Circuit Court ruling which held Virginia’s arcane sodomy law is unconstitutional. While most court watchers are not surprised by the decision, it must come as a bitter disappointment to Cuccinelli who has been scheming for more than a decade to get the issue of sodomy back in front of the Supreme Court.

Cuccinelli wanted this! He is running for governor at the moment, and political wisdom dictates that an attorney general should step down from his office so he can campaign full-time without the baggage of the state’s controversial litigation, but Cuccinelli stayed on. He was so close to reopening Lawrence V Texas, the case that said laws prohibiting sodomy were unconstitutional, that he could taste it. Campaign or not, he didn’t trust anyone else to take over as the battlefield commander in the Holy War for Missionary Position Only in America!

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