Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Johnny Weir Should NOT Be a Gay Spokesman

From America Blog:

...Weir started by talking about how important Jesse Owens’ victory was at the 1936 Nazi Olympics in Berlin. We’ve discussed that argument a few times:
1) Jesse Owens won and the Nazis still killed millions afterwards. 
2) You can’t have a Jesse Owens moment at Sochi if it’s against the law for gay athletes to be out and the IOC tells gay athletes to stay in the closet. 
3) Jesse Owens was treated like garbage when he got back to the US after his “victory.” If his victory didn’t change minds in America, I’m wondering how many it changed in Nazi Germany. 
4) While other gay Olympians like New Zealand speed skater Blake Skjellerup have promised to wear a rainbow pin during his competition at Sochi, Weir has made no such promise were he to make the American team. Why hasn’t he?
Weir then went on to say that “it’s not good for anybody” if gays get arrested at Sochi and the world learns how bad the Russian regime really is on gay and trans issues. Yes, we wouldn’t want the world to learn that lesson, would we...

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