Friday, September 13, 2013

A Pastor's "Sexual Purity Cleansing" of Teen Boys

After several complaints from young teen boys in the area, [pastor Brent] Girouex confessed to having sex with the boys because he was sure it would help “with homosexual urges by praying while he had sexual contact with [them]." 
Girouex admitted to police that he began his "sexual purity cleansing" back in 2007 with four teenage boys, but at least eight other victims have come forward since then. He insists the actions with teens as young as 14 were mutual, with one "relationship" lasting nearly four years.
Really? We have gone from "pray the gay away" to "ejaculate the gay away?"

First and foremost, sexual orientation is not something that can be changed. In any given person, it is what it is - whatever that may be - and it is going nowhere. Of course we have been saying that for what seems like years beyond count, but some people refuse to believe it...for whatever reason. Second, when emotionally vulnerable people are placed in situations like these - made to feel like who they are makes them bad or evil - they are far more susceptible to emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. This incident is a prime and horrific example of this. Many people who attempt conversion therapy only become better emotionally when they come to terms with who they are and accept that conversion therapy is a sham.

There have been numerous stories of the tactics of conversion therapy and how...bizarre...they are. I posted a story some time back where the method of making men with same-sex attractions "straight" involved a bunch of them praying and then playing contact sports. I have no idea why it makes sense to some people that a guy who is into other guys will suddenly be into women because they are surrounded by several other sweaty guys, tackling them to the ground. It just strikes me as counter-productive.

Then there was way back when when it was discovered that Marcus Bachmann (the husband of Rep. Michele Bachmann) had a counseling clinic where part of their methodology included "hug therapy" where the patient was hugged by their therapist. Did I mention that many of the people working at these places are "ex-gays" themselves? And lastly, I will mention that some of these conversion "doctors" will have patients beat effigies of their mother with a stick, because that seems like a perfectly healthy way of turning a gay person straight. And now we have a pastor who thinks he can make teen boys ejaculate the gay out of themselves and will do what it takes to "help" them out.

The Iowa pastor is on $30,000 bond, you know, because he can be trusted in public where there are kids. According to Queerty:
According to local CBS affiliate KCCI 8, a judge issued Girouex a 17-year-prison sentence for the rape of as many as eight underage boys in 2012, but later suspended the sentence to allow Girouex to seek “sex offender treatment” and remain on probation for five years.
So besides being made to feel terrible about who they are, and on top of enduring sexual abuse, there will be no justice at the end of the day. This is one of the worst such stories I have heard in quite some time.

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