Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA) Tried to Quash His Corruption Scandal

Gambling he can start talking about issues other than himself, the Republican nominee for governor announced Tuesday that he is donating to charity $18,000 — roughly the value of controversial gifts and goodies from Jonnie Williams Sr., the rich political uncle Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell now wish they never had.

As an exercise in damage control, it could prove too little, too late.

Republicans tried waving off Giftgate as trite and insignificant when it exploded in late March. Nearly six months later, the scandal is wrecking McDonnell’s governorship and threatens to prevent Cuccinelli’s.

Pleading poverty, Cuccinelli said in July that he could not reimburse Williams for his beneficence. That is, three getaways to Williams’ lakeside manse, one of which included a Thanksgiving feast for the Cuccinelli family; jet flights to New York; and a cache of pills manufactured by Williams’ struggling company, Star Scientific.

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