Thursday, April 25, 2013

NOM Officials Laments Rhode Island Marriage Equality

Brian Brown
Brian Brown (President of NOM): 
"The Senate has abandoned society's most important institution and put their constituents on a collision course with the law. Lawmakers have allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking they have protected people of faith when in fact they have put those who believe in true marriage in the crosshairs of the law and gay 'marriage' activists. It won't be long before the repercussions begin to be felt."
Scott Spear (advisory board member of NOM Rhode Island):
"Citizens in other states that have redefined marriage have heard the same shallow promises from elected officials that nobody will be negatively impacted by redefining our most important social institution. It won't be long before gay 'marriage' activists start pressing hard their new found rights on the faithful in Rhode Island. In Vermont, Christian innkeepers were sued. It was Christian florists in Washington state. Elsewhere photographers, bakers, event venue operators, notary publics, justices of the peace and town clerks have all been targeted for punishment if they do not agree to go along with gay 'marriage' in violation of their deeply-held beliefs."
In other words, they are perfectly fine with discrimination, so long as it is against someone who is not them. How christian and how American of them. You can read the full text of the article on NOM's website HERE.

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