Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Uruguayan Legislature to Vote on Marriage Equality

Uruguay has announced that the Chamber of Deputies will vote on the legalization of same sex marriage on 11 December.
Five months ago, the government approved the recognition of same sex marriage legalized in other countries. The law was supported by the Constitution Committee and the Codes of the House including two opposition legislators.

Frente Amplio legislator Julio Bango, a supporter of the law, said the law would pass the Senate in 2013 after the summer recess. He noted the dispute about name order for children of same sex marriages but said that issue would be resolved in the next week.

The law reads, “the institution of marriage will mean the union of two parties, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation thereof at the same terms with the same effects established in the Civil Code”. The law will extend to include homosexuals, lesbians and transsexuals.

Here in the States, there is a tendency to look down on Latin American nations as though we are inherently better than them. However, in terms of recognizing civil liberties, many of these nations are starting to outdo the "land of the free."

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