Thursday, December 20, 2012

God Is Mad At The Gays?

From the Huffington Post:

...Let us, for one minute, assume that Mr. Dobson is correct and God has allowed children to be slain as retribution for America's permissiveness of homosexuality. If this were true, then God would be pretty stupid, don't you think? I am a teacher, and I know that if your examples are obtuse and incomprehensible, then you are not communicating clearly, and your students will not learn the lesson you are teaching. When people heard about the terrible happenings in Newtown, no one's first thought was, "Oh, I get it! Those children are dead because God is mad at me for wanting homos to marry." No. Instead, people thought about gun control. Mostly, people were staggered by the senselessness of it all. So if God wanted us to make a correlation between the shootings and gay marriage, he was ineffective. Perhaps this is why Mr. Dobson feels the need to speak out. His God is so brainless and incompetent that Dobson feels compelled to paint pictures for the rest of us.

Tell us, Mr. Dobson, where did you get this inside information? Can you explain why homosexuality is the thing that sets God off on a vindictive rampage? (Well, that and abortion, as you repeat often.) Is God not upset about war? Abuse? Slavery? Is he not pissed off that many people ignore a whole bunch of those 10 commandments that he crafted so carefully? I do not recall homosexuality being mentioned on that list, by the way...

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