Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grover Norquist Demands Higher Taxes

...Norquist repeated a conservative lie that since President Obama has been in office, “We got four bad years of higher taxes” that are stifling the economy, and that “instead of higher taxes, we need economic growth.” For nearly four years, Republicans and their teabagger acolytes have complained they were “taxed enough already” despite the President reduced taxes to their lowest levels in nearly 60 years to jumpstart economic recovery and help struggling families survive the Republican economic devastation still plaguing the nation. Where Norquist seriously lied was his contention that what will save the economy and spur unprecedented growth is returning the nation to Reagan-era taxation levels that would promote growth and pay down the debt racked up over the past four years.

The problem with Norquist’s assertion is that under the Reagan administration, tax rates were higher than under President Obama, and he proposes keeping them lower for 98% of Americans as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations and to continue growing the economy.  It is curious that Norquist cites Reagan’s tax policy, because although he initially cut taxes within three months of taking office, within weeks he asked Congress to close loopholes that resulted in the largest tax increase in four decades to cover revenue shortfalls, and over the course of the next eight years, he raised taxes 9 times. The simple truth Norquist, and most Republicans, will never admit is that under President Obama, taxes are substantially lower than under Reagan...

Another conservative that needs to descend from Bullshit Mountain.

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