Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Know Your Allies: Hudson Taylor (Addendum)

Seriously, I love Hudson Taylor. I wrote something on him some time ago (which you can read HERE). As I said then, he is a guy who has no personal stake in the fight for LGBT equality, but he has put himself out there for us in such a strong way that we will never really be able to adequately thank him. His work with Athlete Ally, the organization he founded to fight homophobia in sports, has continued on since that article as written. I believe that this video was shown during some of the NCAA football games this past Saturday and talks about the progress that he and the organization have made.

Also, congratulations to Taylor on his recent marriage to his long term girlfriend.

I'm still jealous he got to be interviewed by Thomas Roberts. Some people have all the luck.

You can follow Hudson on Twitter HERE & Athlete Ally on Twitter HERE.

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