Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Election 2012: GOP Debate from New Hampshire (Highlights)

This debate is primarily about the economy although some other issues were brought up (healthcare, energy etc.).
0:05 - Perry’s solution for the economy? More oil. Drill baby, drill.
0:10 - Gingrich accuses “Occupy Wall Street” protesters of being messy. He goes on to demand more transparency of Bernanke and Geithner.
0:14 - Santorum suggests gutting taxes for manufacturers. 0%
0:18 - Gingrich agrees with Palin on death-panels
0:22 - Huntsman is being actually funny, saying he thought Cain’s 9-9-9 plan was the price of a pizza
0:37 - They’re showing a video of Reagan that I showed on a previous blog post. Basically, Reagan is suggesting we should raise taxes on those not paying their fair share (I.e. the rich). Perry chalks it up to “different times.”
0:41 - Romney is against Defense cuts and fair taxation.
0:42 - Gingrich calls the budget compromise passed this Summer “stupid.” It’s an act of Congress that could be repealed by Congress.
0:43 - Bachmann touts how she was against raising the debt ceiling…which could have led to defaulting on U.S. debt.
0:52 - Perry has been pushing American energy all night. I wonder why a Texas Governor would do such a thing??? (hint: $$$)
0:54 - Some guy in a video is pronouncing ‘agenda’ with an R at the end.
1:00 - Candidates will ask each other questions going in alphabetical order starting with…
1:06 - Bachmann mentions Ronald Reagan’s 1980’s miracle. Is she talking about the 11 times he raised taxes or is raising the national debt?
1:12 - Everyone seems to be asking Romney questions in this section.
1:16 - Tonight’s theme is officially 9-9-9
1:16 - Perry asks Romney about “RomneyCare.” No surprise there.
1:18 - Charlie Rose apparently doesn’t know the alphabet (and gets called on it by Santorum)
1:21 - Santorum mentions that this is the “Live Free or Die” state…unless you’re gay (okay, I added that last part).
1:35 - Bachmann has been calling Dodd-Frank the “Jobs & Housing Destruction Act” and I think she just referred to herself as a small business owner.
1:45 - Even in a debate that is about the economy, Santorum manages to be tangentially homophobic…and someone in the audience is yelling at him.

I have to say that Herman Cain had a strong showing. This debate saw him get more questions thrown at him by moderators and fellow candidates, and he managed it very well. He stayed on message and kept mentioning his 9-9-9 plan. Perry didn’t have a bad showing, but he didn’t do what he needed to do. Romney stayed strong and the fact that he was asked most of the questions from fellow candidates  show that he is still a top tier candidate.

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