Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Election 2012: Playing Games

Tonight will feature another in a (seemingly) long line of GOP debates. In case some of you are getting tired or bored with these things, why not turn it into a drinking game? Here are the rules: drink every time

...Herman Cain (or anyone) says 9-9-9.
...Michelle Bachmann misquotes history that 4th graders are currently learning.
...Rick Santorum reminds you that gay people don't deserve anything.
...Ron Paul rails against the Fed.
...Rick Perry mispronounces simple 2-syllable words (what is it with Texas governors and doing that?).
...Mitt Romney changes his position (and no, not his standing position)
...Newt Gingrich pretends to be a Rhodes Scholar
...anyone says "Ronald Reagan."

WARNING: Playing this game WILL lead to alcohol poisoning and/or death if played for more than five minutes.

The debate will be on CNN at 8pm Eastern.

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