Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Religious Right: Catholics United

From Seattle Pi
...Catholics United is organizing an online petition, at, asking Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain “to make the Church’s position on care for gay people clear to this priest.” 
The Rev. Derek Lappe, of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, used characterizations far beyond official positions taken by the nation’s Catholic bishops, who have opposed same-sex marriage and homosexual conduct, while denouncing homophobia, the stereotyping of gays and lesbians and social ostracism. 
“This priest’s use of stereotypes to describe the cause of same-sex attraction is offensive and not in line with basic Catholic teachings,” said James Salt, executive director of Catholic United, and himself a former Eagle Scout. 
“The Catholic Church has long held that individuals with same-sex attractions should be respected and protected from discrimination,” Salt added.  “Catholics United calls on Fr. Lappe’s superiors to condemn this kind of bullying from a man who is supposed to be a witness of Christian love and acceptance...”

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