Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Louisiana Advances Surrogacy Ban On Gays & Singles

On Sunday, the Louisiana House gave final approvalto SB 162, a bill that limits surrogacy to married (heterosexual) couples. According to the new rules for surrogacy, “intended parents” must be married: 
“Intended parents” means married personswho contribute their gametes to be used in assisted reproduction, and who enter into an enforceable gestational surrogacy contract, as defined in this Chapter, with a gestational carrier pursuant to which they will be the legal parents of the child resulting from that assisted reproduction.
Because Louisiana’s constitution bans the recognition of same-sex marriages and civil unions, the bill effectively bans same-sex couples from using surrogacy to have a child. A lesbian couple could still utilize a sperm donor, but a gay male couple would be prohibited from from asking a woman to carry a child to term for them.
Big government conservatism at work folks! 

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