Monday, January 27, 2014

Indiana Marriage Equality Ban May Be Derailed

The full Indiana House in a bipartisan vote just effectively killed an anti-gay marriage bill — at least for now. 

The House voted 52-43 to approve an amendment to HJR3, a bill that would ask voters in November if they want to change the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Because changing a constitution is a sacred act, two separate but consecutive Indiana legislatures have to vote to make the change, and they have to vote for and pass the exact same bill.

Tonight’s passage of the amendment would, naturally, alter the bill, and therefore they have not approved the same bill twice.

For today, at least, the people of Indiana have been spared being marked as anti-gay...

And with each passing year, there are fewer homophobes to support this kind of measure and the chances of it passing decrease.

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