Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Limbaugh's Advertising Woes Continue

Despite sources close to Limbaugh that accuse Dickey of scapegoating the radio host for a bad quarter, Limbaugh himself has addressed his advertiser woes in the past. But Limbaugh doesn’t see his offensive bloviating as the problem driving mainstream advertisers away; instead, he accuses media buyers who are ”young women fresh out of college” and “liberal feminists who hate conservatism” of “trying to harm” him.
But Cumulus isn’t the only company reporting Limbaugh-associated loses, as Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone notes:
Cumulus isn’t the only radio company reporting significant losses attributable to Limbaugh. Dial Global has also attributed millions in losses to Limbaugh. Many others in the industry report negative consequences resulting from Limbaugh’s recklessness. Consequently, this Limbaugh source’s contention that Cumulus’ advertising problems have nothing to do with Limbaugh falls apart when we look at the rest of the industry. What would this source say in response to the ills faced by other companies in connection to Limbaugh’s show? That it’s all their fault too?
A Mediaite source agrees that the Limbaugh problem is far from limited to Cumulus, explaining:  “The vast majority of national advertisers now refuse to air their ads during Rush Limbaugh’s show.”

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