Saturday, March 2, 2013

NFL's Scott Fujita: Openly Gay Player Not An Issue

From On Top Magazine:

During a radio interview on Cleveland's WKRK-FM – 92.3, Fujita said an openly gay teammate would be just another player.

When asked, “Do you think a gay player in the Browns locker room would be an issue?” Fujita answered: “It would not be an issue at all.”

He went on to state that the novelty would wear off soon after the first player came out.

“Once a guy comes out, yeah, it'll be very newsworthy,” he said. “It'll be a huge, huge breakthrough and then it'll be another one and another one and another one. Then it'll be just another guy in the locker room. So the sooner we get to that point, we can get past all the difficult things the PR staffs feel they might have and should be ashamed they even feel that way, but once we get over that first hurdle then everything should be just fine.”

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